Sunday, 22 April 2012

196 Cards from A Postcard from my walk - a tribute to Earth Day

Our project has come to an end. With many stories to tell about lost cards and some destroyed by rain and some never received and some was exciting, kept us on our toes and we were constantly challenged to come up with interesting and original subjects. But here we are...a little over a year later and very appropriate for earth day 2012, we look back on our cards and a great satisfaction and contentment bring a smile to our faces. It was a year well spent around the pencil and brush.


Click on each image to see the bigger version.

Cards sent by:

Albrecht Richter - Germany
Alison Staite - England
Bridget Hunter - Scotland
Cathy Gatland - South Africa
Charlene Brown - Canada
Desirée Dianne Habicht - USA
Felicity Grace - Switzerland
Katherine Tyrrell - England
Liz Steel - Australia
Martin Stankewitz - Germany
Pat Reece - USA
Robyn Sinclair - Italy

Ronelle van Wyk

Vivien Blackburn - England

Thank you to everybody who shared this trip with us around the world, whether it was by regular visits or leaving comments or simply just stopping by. The more the company, the merrier the spirit!

Thank you!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Strawberries, apricots and gifts "sur la table".

My last card was from Desiree and it came wrapped as a big surprise.
An enticing strawberries card, seeing how much I love food...
-watercolor on watercolor paper, 12,5x18cm-

...and a beautiful apricot branch in bloom(may I receive the apricots card soon..)..
-watercolor on watercolor paper, 15,5x11,5cm-

...both hidden inside THIS...with its own bookmark(handmade of course by the artist herself....

I am spoiled! Thank you sweet friend from sunny California!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Emmarentia Dam in South Africa

Thankyou for this beautiful watercolour postcard. Over the exchange I've got to know a little of South Africa and its landscape through Cathy's sketches and its been quite a surprise - not at all what I'd imagined. This view towards the Emmarentia Dam wall includes the Sea Scouts Hut which is rather odd as the sea is many miles away!
I always admire Cathy's figures and this card includes two - man and duck. These add to the atmosphere as do the beautiful greens and the skillful way the water has been painted.

A Fuschia to end this wonderful exchange.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Shacks and Backyards

This wonderful wonderful postcard from Martin completes my collection. This is Martin ‘starting to play with oil pastels’ and I am enjoying looking at it very much propped up behind my keyboard. I love the richness of the colours and the wonderful composition of the old houses/shacks and their backyards. Certainly a style of vernacular architecture tht we don’t see down here.
Thank you Martin – I love it.
What a wonderful collection of postcards I now have from all my special friends !!
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