Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A watercolour to crow about

Alison saw this crow while out walking along a river tow path.  He was splashing around in a puddle.  It was a really bright day and his feathers were gleaming.  She's captured it beautifully.  Hard to believe this is her first attempt at painting a crow.  I bet she was tempted to hang on to this one so I'm doubly delighted it's flown to me.  Alison achieved the beautiful blacks of the crow with W&N Neutral Tint mixed with Indigo and Winsor Blue.  

The painting came with a beautiful card printed with one of Alison's gorgeous photos of deer in London's Richmond Park.  It's close to Alison's home.  I'm really tempted to visit!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

At the zoo

I received this wonderful postcard from Cathy... and all I could say at the time (and now too!) was WOW! Amazing sketches on both sides! I really really love elephants and it struck me that for Cathy they are not foreign animals but natives (unless this is an Asian elephant with big ears!)! The colours of Cathy's watercolour paint just jumps off the page. thanks Cathy!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ronelle's Garden

I find Ronelle's card totally enchanting. It shows her immediate, emotional response to the beauty of these white geraniums growing in her garden in France. Such delicate work, done in aquarelle, and exactly as it should be to convey her delight in these flowers.

But look at the image on the envelope, done on handmade paper and showing a masterly touch with gouache.

I am so pleased to own these beautiful artistic works by Ronelle. Thankyou.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Castiglion Florentino from Robyn in Tuscany!!

Hi everyone, I was so excited to get this wonderful postcard from Robyn in Italy!! She says that August is there hottest month so she has only walked to her garden. I know how you feel Robyn! It has been a cooker over here too! I have to grab the time either early or late these days. I will be happy for fall to start this year. I love the pigeons that have taken time to either refresh themselves or eat close enough for you to sketch. I so loved Tuscany when we were there, hope to visit with you the next time I can manage an overseas vacation! Thanks you so much for the wonderful card!!!

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