Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Acqua Alta in Venice

Albrecht Rissler
Ink on paper
Albrecht's postcard is done from the window from his room because it was raining. I feel like I could have been there watching him over his shoulder while he drew this card. I can feel the rain and wind from the pen strokes. Very special! I also included the reverse side with his wonderful hand written words. I thought you would like the chance to read someone else’s mail.
 I always do.
Check out the boots. They make me smile.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

November in Richmond Park

Walking in Richmond Park

Alison Staite
Watercolor on paper

Alison's postcard is from her walk in Richmond Park and the beautiful autumn colors. This is a view of some of the Beech trees that she says have lost all of their leaves now, so the ground is hot with copper color (of course she spells it colour) when the sun breaks through the clouds. The freshness of the way the paint has been applied is a real treat for my eyes. It is just what I want to see when using watercolors. I love the way the chemicals in the paint pull and push away from each other to make the blooms of soft and hard edges. My eyes see shapes that my brain says are distant trees and forest shrubs in a moisture filled misty autumn afternoon.
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