Monday, 30 January 2012

A snowy card in the middle of summer

It is such a treat to be part of this postcard exchange and to get such wonderful cards from such a varied group - in location and style. I must say that I have been looking forward to seeing one of Charlene's masterpieces in real life and was very excited to get this stunner in the post! Wow! I love the way she handles a snowy landscape.

Painting snow is something that I have never done... in fact I have only seen snow 4 times (up close) in my life. One skiing trip as a kid, 2 summer visits to our snow fields(there were a few remaining drifts only) and a white Xmas in Scotland... so this majestic scene of Castle Mountain half way between Banff and Lake Louise is extra special.

Thanks Charlene! I love it!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Five things which are important to Liz Steel

Architecture, her religious belief and a cup of tea!

I love this card because it tells me it's been painted by Liz Steel - even if I didn't recognise her very characteristic sketching.

There are three things which are important to Liz Steel.

Liz loves sketching architecture (see Sketching Architecture).  This is the church of St Francis of Assisi in the Paddington area of Sydney.  (The link in the name tells the interesting story of the architecture of this church - just in case Liz doesn't already know it.)
Not a very Australian subject...  Most parish churches in Sydney are simplified English of course the dramatic morning shadow of the main arch caught my eye.
Liz's religious belief is very important to her - and I regard the church as symbolic of that

Liz also believes in the vital importance of a cup of tea - I do love the fact that her cups of tea appear all the time in her sketches and now I've got one of my own!
Finished the card off with a cup of tea - Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey in a Royal Albert Regency Blue cup + using a surprise gift teapot from Cris in Malaga Spain who I met in Lisbon
Actually - make that four things most important to Liz Steel.  Sketching with friends is also high on her list of very important activities - and it's nice to see this also reflected in her card.  Lisbon was the venue for the 2nd Urban Sketchers Symposium and the link goes to all Liz' posts about sketching in that city.

Borromini looks after this sketch - as per usual

I also loved the Borromini Bear stamp on the rear!  As if any sketch by Liz could be produced without his presence! :)

Duh!  Make that five things which are important to Liz Steel - architecture, her religious belief, a cup of tea, sketching with friends and little Borromini - who's a very well travelled little bear!

PS  Now I've got it I want to know what Liz used for her postcard.  It looks like the ideal surface and weight for painting postcards.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sacred Ibis conquers previously-impossible South Africa-Canada route!

Turns out only postcards sent from Canada to South Africa are doomed. This splendid bird, and the Johannesburg park over which he reigns, made it the other way with no problems at all. Here’s a link to a map showing some of the other delightful sketches Cathy has done in this same park.

The other side is beautifully painted and in perfect condition as well, so have a look at the totally-readable and wonderfully welcome message from Cathy. Isn't it terrific!

Monday, 23 January 2012

The Sad Tale of Two Postcards

 As the Chinese Year of the Dragon starts today, I have to finally accept that the postcard Charlene sent me at the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit is probably never going to get here - the joyously colourful Gate of Harmonius Interest in Chinatown, Victoria that she luckily scanned for her records and eventually emailed to me. When it became obvious that some misfortune had befallen it, I begged Charlene for another one to complete my collection, and in her busy life and travels she found time to create the beautiful, crisp Banff glacial scene of Mt.Lefroy and Victoria Glacier below.
After a few weeks I once again became anxious that it hadn't arrived yet, and went to investigate my garden more closely....
 ...and this is what I found, bedraggled and forlorn under a bush nearby. Our postbox had its brass stolen by metal thieves some weeks before, and if letters are pushed too enthusiastically into the hole left behind, they shoot right through to the other side. Which is what happened to postcard #2 from Victoria to Johannesburg, plus some heavy Highveld thunderstorms and a few paper-munching snails - a very sorry end to a long journey and Charlene's lovely artwork.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Snail Post

This is a beautiful card all the way from Geneva. Its theme is " found little things" specifically chosen for their shape and colour when Felicity was out walking.

The other respondents here will understand when I say that its really difficult to show all the nuances of colour, shading and detail which Felicity captures in these wonderfully delicate studies.

And who appears on the envelope - The Snail Post - suitable attired for the festive season.
I love this wee touch of humour Felicity.
Thankyou for my card.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The call of the wild - winter greetings from Banff

I have to admit I was looking forward to this, a card from Charlene. Charlene lives in an area that counts to the dream landscapes on this planet. Also Charlene has been traveling to magnificent places, as for example to Machu Pichu too. So I knew that the card from Charlene would be something special in any case.

But getting such beautiful a card from Banff however strikes a special nerve with me. It brings up the memories of my young days and the extensive reading of Jack London and the great landscapes of Canada and Alaska. Charlene' s Water color card shows the city of Banff surounded by gorgeous mountain vistas.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Growth and Transcience in Nature

A truly stunning card from Albrecht. I would be delighted to receive just one of Albrecht's pencil sketches but now I have two and both are equally beautiful! On the front is coloured pencil drawing with the words 'Growth and transcience in nature. On the way to Holy Mountain (Heiligenberg)'.

On the back, another very delicate sketch from Heidelberg. I'm at a loss to describe how lovely this card is but I think you'll agree it speaks for itself! Thank you so much Albrecht!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Baubles and Fir Trees

How would you feel to see this bright, colourful card lying on the doormat on a dreich December afternoon when you'd just struggled in laden with gifts for the grandchildren after a tiring day's shopping. My reaction was to kick off the boots, make a coffee and sit down to enjoy looking at Pat's wonderful Christmas design.

Then turning it over I was doubly blessed to see a beautiful winter tree study, so simply but effectively drawn.

The card became part of the Christmas decorations, nestling in amongst the holly on the mantlepiece for the rest of the holiday. Thankyou for this Pat.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Favourite View

"My favourite view in the whole house, a corner view over my spa tub.  This view encourages lots of daily soakings!"   These are Desiree's words, and wow, with a tree like this to gaze at, I'd happily be ensconced in the spa tub all day.  What a glorious colour! This is a pistache tree and it's leaves were this lovely flaming pink / gold a few weeks ago.  It's not a tree I'm familiar with.  I guess it likes the mild climate of California rather than the vagaries of English weather! 

Desiree says her husband had threatened to rip the tree out, because it doesn't always colour up like this.  The tree must have overheard the threat and fearing for it's life, burst forth this autumn like never before.  The tree is now saved!  Thank goodness, otherwise I'd never have had the pleasure of receiving such a gem!

Friday, 6 January 2012

My golden treasure.

Just before New Year, my postman drove all the way to the house to drop me my mail. We are now on good foot...we should be! I bought a calender from him! And to my delight, it was a postcard from Robyn. My Christmas was extended with a whole week.

It was an experiment she did with oil pastels on a gold acrylic ground. The gold doesn't show up so well with the scan so I took some photo's on angles with added light to catch the gold. I wanted you to see the gold acrylic ground.
On Robyn's blog you can see more of this technique she is playing around with(or messing around with, as she calls it...). How does the saying go..."One person's mess is another person's treasure"...?

...the gold reflects beautifully in the dark corner bottom left...

...more golden reflections on the ground and a view on "Giornata mondiale del teatro"...
Thank you for my golden treasure, Robyn!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Night Sketcher

Coloured pencil on black paper - Vivien Blackburn
14.5 x 19.5 cms

I really can't call this beautiful nocturne from Vivien a postcard.  It's a painting and it absolutely delights me.  It has some of the magic of Van Gogh but is distinctly and beautifully Vivien Blackburn.  
I'm off to buy a frame!

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