Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Welcome to "A Postcard From My Walk" - an international postal art exchange project

Sketchercise is a group of people - from all over the world - who enjoy sketching from life (no photos!), have already developed the sketching habit AND have found ways of getting out and about and exercising with a sketchbook.

A postcard from my walk is a project which arose from our group's desire to share our art and outdoor experiences in a more personal way than by simply posting to our online forum.

...allé hop..1..2..3..!! sketch by Cathy Gatland...

Over the next 13 months, 14 members of our group will create a postcard each month from an outdoor exercise, like walking, cycling or kayaking or other, and mail it to another member of the group.

It is an international exchange and our cards will travel to Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, England, Scotland, South Africa, Australia, Canada and the USA.

The way it works:
  • Each card is about 6" x 4" to 7" x 5", depending on individual preferences.
  • Each artist decides on his/her own format, media, subject and style for the postcard
  • Each artist sends off her/his card the last week of every month.
  • In the following 13 months, each artist will receive a card from another artist in the group. However, the sender remains unknown until the card arrives!
  • Once received, each artist will share the card on our forum and here on the blog.
  • Which means that every month on this blog, there will be 14 posts or more of illustrated postcards created by artists all around the world

We are very much looking forward to our postcard travel over four continents with breathtaking landscape vistas, fauna and flora and a full year’s circle of changing climates and seasons.

We hope you the reader, will join in and travel along with us.*You can find the means to subscribe to the blog in the right hand column.

Who knows - you might enjoy it so much that you will start up your own version of a postal art exchange!


Nelson Castañeda said...

It will be nice to see monthly those postcards,
good luck!

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Welcome Nelson and thank you...we ar all very excited about our project!

annie said...

This is so exciting. Good luck and I am so looking forward to seeing the cards each month.

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