Thursday 16 June 2011

Private View of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters

Kathine Tyrrell often reviews major exhibitions in the UK on her highly-ranked art blog Making a Mark, and she sometimes does amazing sketches of the other folks invited to the private viewings and previews.  Although she sketched this nicely nuanced vignette early in May she had it propped up near her computer and “forgot to post it on time because it had become part of (her) office!”  I’m absolutely thrilled that when she finally got it mailed, it arrived in Victoria in just a few days, and now it’s part of MY office!  
Katherine has written many wonderfully helpful posts about sketching on Travels with a Sketchbook and Making a Mark (one of my favourites is 10 tips for how to sketch people) – but to actually sketch so beautifully and with such apparent ease takes hundreds of hours of practice, upon which I’ve barely started… so you can see why I’m so very pleased to have received this 'original’ from Katherine herself.


Bridget Hunter said...

This card shows really good composition - and Katherine is so skilled at producing good compositions. And like Charlene says, drawing people with such ease is the result of very careful observation.A great figurative card.

Desiree's Designs said...

Wonderful how she draws us into the exhibit with everyone else! Wonderful postcard!

Pat said...

I had to enlarge this one to be able to see every wonderful stroke. Katherine’s ability to capture a group enjoying an art opening is amazing.