Monday, 28 January 2013

Postcards From California

Receiving a card from Pat is always special, and i was doubly lucky to receive two!  The top image image shows Pat's walking trail in Orange.  I think Pat is particularly brilliant at depicting trees in graphite.  All those negative spaces and array of tones.  I always feel inspired to pick up my pencils after looking at her work!

On the reverse of the card is an image of Sam, Pat's cat.  The nice thing is, Sam looks just like my own cat, so it's particularly fun to have received this. Don't you just love the wacky positions cats can get into when they are grooming!

The second card depicts the beach near to where Pat lives. She says "I can watch the water forever and not get tired of seeing the colours change, the shapes transform and of course, the people."

I love this, it captures the beach and the weather and sea breeze perfectly.

Thank you Pat! 


Robyn Sinclair said...

Two postcards from Pat! Talk about lucky. I love the trees too but the little sketch of beach and umbrellas is enchanting. Very lucky, Alison.

Bridget Hunter said...

My favourite part of this double delight is the cat - what wonderful pencil work.

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