Monday, 4 March 2013

Double Happiness from Liz

I'm always surprised and excited when a postcard arrives from Liz Steel but this time it was double happiness when I opened the envelop to find two!

This is Port Macquarie, Liz's January holiday destination on the coast of New South Wales.  It was painted on Australia Day after a swim.  I hope everyone can see the texture in this clever little painting.  Sketching the sea is a new passion for Liz so hopefully there'll be many more of these.

This Singapore kopitiam (coffee house) was sketched prior to Liz's 'breakthrough' earlier in the year when she started some exciting experiments that resulted in the beautiful textural effects you can see in the first postcard.  After all the fun the artist started having she though this one 'looked very dull'.  If only my sketches were so 'dull'.

Thank you so much Liz, these postcards are both heading for a frame.


Cathy Gatland said...

Neither of these are the slightest bit dull - such a sunny, colourful street scene in Liz's 'old' style and the exciting new explorations in watercolour with sea and rocks - you are lucky Robyn!

Alison Staite said...

Different but both definitely Liz! A very lucky Robyn!

Pat said...

Ok, I'm jealous! You can send me all your dull ones Liz. Both are exceptional.

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