Saturday, 13 August 2011

Sunshine and Summer happiness from Ronelle

Pure Sunshine from Ronelle

I have to start off by apologising for not posting this earlier when it arrived - it's part of last months exchange.  

This delicious piece of sunshine and pure exuberant happiness dropped through my door at just the right time when things weren't good for me with family health worries.   What a lift!

On the reverse a lovely study of the leaves

That plant is just bristling with life and energy and the spirit of summer :>)  You have such an individual and expressive style Ronelle.

And even the envelope is beautiful

Ronelle thank you :>) - it really did come at the right moment - and the secret extras that I can't talk about because some of you have those yet to come - fantastic!  again merci beaucoup.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

I love the all round splendidness of Ronelle's contributions - and I'm not just saying that because of "the extras" . I too particularly loved the envelope!

This sunflower is very sunny - and I can imagine how much of a lift that must have been at such a taxing time

La Table De Nana said...

I love her work.
I am so lucky .. to know her outside of the Postcards..
Through food at the beginning.
I treasure those envelopes..

:) Beautiful Ronelle..

Bridget Hunter said...

Colourful, fluid, lyrical, absolutely grogeous.

annie said...

Oh, Ronelle, so lovely... and Vivien, I am sure these gave you such an uplift during a difficult week. These are a precious treasure.

Elva Paulson said...

So much life and color! Wonderful.

Robyn Sinclair said...

Like receiving a whole bunch of sunflowers, isn't it?
Beautiful and inspired as ever, Ronelle.

Desiree said...

This just says summer so well! What a wonderful card to get during such a hard time! Beautiful!

Pat said...

I love sunflowers and I love your painting style Ronell... what a great combination.

Liz Steel said...

oh ronelle - this is stunning. So happy and summery!!!

Felicity said...

The envelope alone is gorgeous, how wonderful to get this in the post! Ronelle, your work is so vibrant and alive!

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