Sunday, 11 March 2012

Roof Top Ambiance

Here it is….Ta Da! 
Ronelle’s postcard. 
Roof Tops of Vayrac, France

Ronelle said she painted this scene, from a hill top, of a cute little village she likes to go to, for the best coffee and ambiance. You can see even the roof tops have ambiance, let alone having a bistro that serves great coffee. I am on a plane tomorrow for that…..I Wish! Of course when you have something like this in your hand every line and wash of vibrant color just makes your heart tingle.

Here is a corner of the envelope.
As always, when you get something form
Ronelle, even the envelope is deliciously rendered.

I am so sorry to say that this is the last postcard I will receive from our 14 month adventure of the blog “A Postcard From My Walk”.  And Yep!, I have 14 original paintings from 14 great artists (that I soooo! respect) and from all over the world.


jill polsby said...

so in your next post would you explain, finite details, how this worked..

were there 14 of you or 15 so that you could receive postcards for 14 months

i know you all found yourselves on the sketchersize website?



dying of jealousy and curiosity

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Hi Jill - see for details of how it works. We explained at the beginning!

Bridget Hunter said...

How different again from Ronelle - and great to see the weather in her part of the world has improved. Such a delightfully happy card.

vivien said...

Another lovely card from Ronelle - I do love the tumble of rooftops in old villages. And again a beautiful envelope.

Cathy Gatland said...

Love the roofscape with the little red chimneys and those intriguing looking windows!.. another very special envelope, Ronelle

Katherine Tyrrell said...

It's a very Ronelle card - what a great perspective and lovely painting.

Robyn Sinclair said...

A beautiful example of Ronelle's gorgeous unique, loose and colourful style. Brava.

Employment Posters said...

So good to view this postcard and It feels that I'm on the top of it.

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