Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dog Park

Here is Cathy's painting of the Dog Park at the dam.
Cathy wrote that she thought of Ivy when she was painting these images. Ivy is my greyhound.   Ivy would really have had fun with the water and the other dogs.  I love seeing the dogs having so much fun in the water.  Below is the back side of the postcard with the words removed so you can see that Cathy has captured the stance of a dog owner waiting for her pet.
  Unfortunately this is one of the postcards that got lost.  Cathy sent me the image so I could share with you.


sandy said...

Love that painting!

Too bad it got lost.

Lois said...

What a great composition of active dogs. Love it. Thanks for sharing

Inna said...

Oh, that painting is so beautiful! Love the composition.

There's a little outdoor swimming pool near where I live, and just before it closes for the year they always have a doggy day where people can bring their dogs to go swimming! We took our dog last year, and it was so fun to see all those happy pooches! :)

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