Friday 24 May 2013

Flynn's Beach Rocks from Liz

Our postcard project this year seems to be spluttering along a bit erratically, but to see a colourful rectangle in the postbox is always a thrill. This time it was one of Liz's wonderful  rock-and-beach scenes from her recent holiday at Port Macquarie (fairly recent, as I've taken a while to get to posting this!) I had been thoroughly enjoying seeing her expressive - and different for her - posts from the beach and to have one for my collection is very special. I can just picture Liz sitting here on the sand and concentrating on capturing the wild sea and sky. I love that it is signed with her personal name-stamp that was given to her in Singapore too!


elizabeth said...

Hi cathy,
how can I join? This is marvelous. I would love to submit postcards from my beautiful walks on the shore here in canada.

Cathy Gatland said...

Hi Elizabeth - this group, called 'Sketchercisers' has been going for a few years, originally by invitation of Katherine Tyrrell (see Making a Mark in the side column). We've found the second year of this postcard exchange challenging as our lives have changed, and we haven't kept up with it as we did the first time around. I can only suggest you look for other artists around the world who may like to start a similar project and blog. It is such fun, but requires quite a high level of commitment, organisation and energy.
Does anyone else have any other suggestions... Katherine?

Making A Mark said...

We're still accepting people into the Flickr Group where people post their sketches done while exercising. See the link in the side bar.

We took a view a while back that we didn't want to disrupt the group who had all grown to know each other well by introducing new people - but there's nothing to stop you starting your own group.

Joanne said...

A really interesting and fun idea and way to connect with others