Thursday, 28 July 2011

A willow tree at the river Neckar

willow tree at the river Neckar, line drawing by Albrecht Rissler

Late, but not too late hopefully, I post this wonderful postcard with line drawings by Albrecht Rissler. On the front there is a stunning drawing of a willow tree at the river Neckar, on the backside you can see views of Heidelberg. I guess Albrecht did the drawings with his Tombow pen.
Once I had the pleasure to see how Albrecht's hand would move over the paper like a human high speed plotter knitting a landscape in a most varied line grid.

Thank you very much Albrecht for this generous gift!


vivien said...

amazing work and a very beautiful card - they have the quality of etchings and a timelessness

Bridget Hunter said...

I never thought of Albrecht's drawings being done quickly - but now I can imagine the assuredness of his pen marks as he works. It is indeed a beautiful card.

Desiree said...

How wonderful this is, I am sure you just love it Martin! I am amazed at Albrechts pen work and details, eyecandy!

Robyn Sinclair said...

Such exquisite pen and ink drawings, Albrecht. Every one is a treasure.

Pat said...

My mind's eye sees Albrecht's pen dashing swiftly across the page to sketch this marvelous drawing. Expertly done!
I have tried so many times to leave a comment that I am surprised to see that there is not one here.

Felicity said...

What an amazing card to own, it's so beautiful!

Shelley Whiting said...

Wow I love all the texture and detail in the foilage. Beautiful and stunning art.

Abe Lincoln said...

Beautiful work. Really.
Line drawing, to me, is the essence of art. Without that and composition you have everything else called, "Art."

I really used this same technique, years ago, to illustrate poetry for magazines and books. They went out of business and I was never able to come up with a new avenue of exposure.

Although, my then friend, Normal Rockwell, advise me to stick with realism and not venture into pop art and modern art venues as it would ruin my ability and talent.

I followed his advice and still have the tools but at my age and a series of small strokes that hampered my ability to draw like I Once did,I seldom bother.

But this posting or your blog has really turned me back on.

I did a whole series of decorated envelopes using the techniques and styles of the Renaissance Masters as the feature. I don't even do that nowadays but at one time I had them circulating to friends around the world.

And, they must have been considered art because none, not one, was ever defaced by the postal services here or around the world.

In those days it would take a week or longer to get a letter to a friend in China or into Russia but they got there in perfect condition and when the people there responded, in kind, their envelopes came to me in pristine condition as well

Now I got to go post some envelopes on my Abraham Lincoln Blogs blog.

Give me a couple of hours to get them up and online again.

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